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Cancer Hospital Planning: Enhancing Patient Care


As the body of cancer treatment research increases over time, the oncology facilities of many hospitals are slowly falling out of date. Cancer hospital planning consultants can help them renovate their facilities to incorporate new insights.

Cancer treatment is distinct from other medical disciplines. The disease itself holds considerable fear for patients, and much of the treatment occurs in an outpatient basis. It also requires specialized, even toxic, equipment or materials, such as those used for radiation therapy.

Old hospital cancer center layouts may not provide maximal care for their patients because they were built without the benefit of hindsight. Simply entering the center can burden a patient’s mental wellness due to the use of weight architecture. Outpatients may also find it difficult to reach or find their treatment areas from outside because cancer weakens the body and can affect short-term memory. Fortunately, recent medical insights have found ways to overcome these issues.

Cancer center planning must be carefully considered to spot such problems and avoid them during hospital renovations. However, many hospitals are generally comfortable with their facilities and may be too set in their ways to notice the flaws in their system. Consultants that have substantial oncology facility planning expertise can provide an unbiased viewpoint to make improvements.

These experts can recommend various ways to optimize patient flow, ensuring that patients can find the services they need as soon as they enter the cancer center. They can also make the center seem less intimidating to relieve the patient’s mind, increasing their receptivity to treatment. Patients that prefer the company of others and their family can stay out in the open while private spaces are there for those that need privacy.

Oncology Solutions is an independent cancer consulting firm that has provided guidance to the National Institutes of Health. Contact them for more information about cancer hospital planning at 404-836-2000 or visit

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