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A Beginners Guide To Sunbeds



Sunbeds are great for people who aren’t comfortable with fake tanning lotions, gels and creams and don’t have time or access to natural sunlight. There’s no need for long trips to the beach and you’ll also at have complete privacy. Just like every other type of tanning method such as spray tanning there are ways you can make effective use of sunbeds. Before you visit the sunbed salon read this to serve as a guideline for making proper use of sunbeds.

Know Your Options

The first thing you should do once you get to the beauty salon is to ask for the type of tanning programs they offer. Don’t just pick the one you think the name sounds coolest, get to know the different potions in detail. Basically there are three major types of tanning beds, low pressure, high pressure and booths. The pressure beds are vertical ground-lying beds that provide quick tans that last a long time while the booth is a vertical bed that tans your skin while you’re standing. Vertical beds have the advantage of being able to reach every part of your body for a more complete tan.

Hygiene First

Once you’re done with the education part and are ready to tan you can jump straight on the bed right? Not so fast, you could catch a dangerous bacteria or fungi like that. Before taking off your clothes first take a tour of the bed and see if it is clean and free of germs. It’s not worth the risk, your health is far more important than your desire to look good. Check the bed out and then the surrounding space in the room. Even if the bed and the room has been cleaned in the morning you can’t be too sure that the person that used the bed last hasn’t deposited some unfriendly tiny enemies. If you’re not confident that the sunbed is clean, move on and try another salon or ask the attendant for a thorough clean up.

Tan To Your Specific Skin Type

Since people have different skin types it makes sense that tanning should be carried out based on your specific type of skin. Any responsible tanning salon should have a skin analysis form where you will fill in details about your skin type. This information will be used by the salon’s staff to determine the level of UV exposure your body can withstand. Don’t lie about your current prescription drugs because it could really backfire and make your tan less successful. Accessories are very important when using sunbeds; these include goggles, tanning accelerators and pills. Never forget to put your goggles on before jumping into the bed, as they will protect your eyes from getting damaged. Tanning accelerators, lotions and pills are not compulsory but they are okay. However, avoid those that contain tyrosine and read up on how to remove fake tan if you only want it to last a day or two.

Sunbed Etiquette

There is no rule that says you should be completely naked before getting into the sunbed. If you feel you’re not comfortable with other people seeing you naked, you can go in with your underwear or shorts on. Again, don’t forget your goggles and make sure the interior of the bed is clean by doing a quick clean with brushes that staff members can give you. If you’re someone who easily gets bored why not bring with you anmp3 player with your favourite songs, to keep you occupied. Get out of bed at the specified time and wipe off any sweat with the towel provided, before you put on your clothes and exit.


How to lose the baby weight

How to lose the baby weight

Motherhood is that one role  which every single lady dreams about(if you do not take the afterwards children nuisances in account), we keep it this way. There are no as such complications related to the  conceiving and delivering of a child in the women. There are conditions and more of the changes in the body shape and size of ladies that surface after pregnancy. All the other changes are bearable by the ladies but when they see themselves bulging wrongly in mirror they just get crazy. To avoid this craziness and relief  families from the heated environment we bring some tips for you all mothers to shed the baby weight easily.

After pregnancy women can gain weight with in a scale of  25 to 45 pounds depending on their weight and age. So if you are within your limits then not to worry and if crossed the line then here we go.

  • Remain active : new moms find it difficult to spend time on exercises and workout regimes. But they should understand to take proper care of their babies they need to first take care of themselves. They get busier with the new member but should exercise.
  • Breast feed : when ladies breast feed they need around 500 calories extra every day. So they are an actually getting the benefits of a fitter body with their love sharing.
  • Take naps: the relaxation of the body is equally important as the workouts. Do not over exhaust yourselves just relax  and exercise.
  • Eat healthier: if you are not able to maintain your eating habits before the pregnancy then you need to do it afterwards.

So these are some tips to make new moms slimmer and stronger.

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