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How to lose the baby weight

How to lose the baby weight

Motherhood is that one role  which every single lady dreams about(if you do not take the afterwards children nuisances in account), we keep it this way. There are no as such complications related to the  conceiving and delivering of a child in the women. There are conditions and more of the changes in the body shape and size of ladies that surface after pregnancy. All the other changes are bearable by the ladies but when they see themselves bulging wrongly in mirror they just get crazy. To avoid this craziness and relief  families from the heated environment we bring some tips for you all mothers to shed the baby weight easily.

After pregnancy women can gain weight with in a scale of  25 to 45 pounds depending on their weight and age. So if you are within your limits then not to worry and if crossed the line then here we go.

  • Remain active : new moms find it difficult to spend time on exercises and workout regimes. But they should understand to take proper care of their babies they need to first take care of themselves. They get busier with the new member but should exercise.
  • Breast feed : when ladies breast feed they need around 500 calories extra every day. So they are an actually getting the benefits of a fitter body with their love sharing.
  • Take naps: the relaxation of the body is equally important as the workouts. Do not over exhaust yourselves just relax  and exercise.
  • Eat healthier: if you are not able to maintain your eating habits before the pregnancy then you need to do it afterwards.

So these are some tips to make new moms slimmer and stronger.

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How to improve your mental wellbeing

How to improve your mental wellbeing


Mental health is a kind of stealth condition. It is present there in our minds with no sign of presence leaving us totally unaware. Then as its dormant phase ends it starts surfacing and I will like to tell you these conditions can get you on your knees if cross a level of negligence. Here I will try to make you aware of the facts and fictions about the mental wellbeing. Remember there is no wealth like health, you have heard this before as “health is wealth”; see how preoccupied you are to not make out this simple fact. If you did good, no actually excellent! And rest of you back benchers you were not able to guess, be on your seats and pay attention. Class starts!

Mental well being

We are not actually aware what does mental wellbeing means. Mental wellbeing means to be stable mentally and not allow adverse situations affect you. It means to taking care of ourselves, see ourselves as some worthy and judge ourselves aptly. It also means not to feel those emotions that cause harm to you or if I fail to deliver what I want to say. Then in words of Sarah Stewart-Brown I will be said as “Of course, good mental wellbeing does not mean that you never experience feelings or situations that you find difficult. But it does mean that you feel you have the resilience to cope when times are tougher than usual.”

Improvement of your mental wellbeing is a long term process that starts with small steps. I am giving you the steps you need to follow, remember no leaping is allowed:

  • Communicate
  • Remain in active mode
  • Always be a learner
  • Be wise and give to others
  • Live the moment

Seriously I care how you are because you live next to me if you will burn I will feel the heat.

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