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How To Fight Hay Fever


Sneezing, itchy eyes and snuffling can only mean one thing in the UK; we have entered the hay fever season characterised by high pollen levels which brings misery to millions of people. Pollen effect is mainly dictated by pollen count. Higher pollen count means stronger symptoms. The weather also dictates the pollen effect. For instance, if oak and birch pollen seasons collide, the pollen count automatically soars. This is however a very unlikely scenario according to hay fever experts such as Professor Roy Kennedy from Worcester University.

Professor Kennedy predicts that a pollen surge is imminent in June as a result of a long winter and a potential early summer. Although this scenario is likely to affect England more, he warns that Hay fever sufferers should be aware about the possibility of being affected badly by this.

According to recent studies, the number of individuals suffering from hay fever in UK will increase by approximately 33% by 2015 to 20 million sufferers. The figure is expected to pass the 50% mark by 2030 to reach 31.8 million. Britain currently has the highest hay fever rates worldwide i.e. 25% of Britain’s populations are hay fever sufferers. 37% of all hay fever suffers are teenagers.

Hay fever remedies

It is important to be aware of hay fever remedies and high risk areas to be able to minimize your suffering risk this year. According to recent surveys, some of the high risk cities include Manchester, Croydon, Newcastle, Norwich, York, Sheffield, Birmingham, Liverpool, Romford and Leicester. Other high risk areas include forests and woodlands with birch i.e. Central Weald, New Forest and Forest of Dean.

It is important to note that areas in far West and North especially extensive agricultural and coastal areas generally experience low pollen count. Seasons such as grass pollen season last until July or August. Fungal spores and weeds affect hay fever sufferers up until early November.

There are a couple of natural remedies for keeping pollen at bay. One popular remedy is garlic because it is a natural antihistamine, decongestant, anti-inflammatory and antiviral which help to reduce catarrh. It is advisable to take up to 4 capsules daily with food in order to reduce symptoms of hay fever.

There are also nasal sprays available for dealing with hay fever symptoms. You can find such nasal sprays in online stores i.e. The nasal sprays deal with common symptoms such as drowsiness, inflammation, etc. Also, there are cellulose powders available for children under 2 years and pregnant or breastfeeding women.

There are also a couple of homeopathic remedies for soothing hay fever symptoms. Also, there are hay fever drops which are relatively new in the market. The eye drops contain an active ingredient known as sodium cromoglicate which prevents the body from releasing numerous chemicals in the eyes which are responsible for causing hay fever eye symptoms.

Buying an air purifier has also proven to help reduce irritation in the office and at home. You should however be careful when buying air purifiers to ensure that they are effective. One way of ensuring that you buy a good air purifier is ensuring that you check for a seal of approval. HEPA Air purifiers have been proven to remove almost all airborne allergens and irritants.

Osteoporosis causes, symptoms and treatment

Osteoporosis causes, symptoms and treatment

Osteoporosis  is a medical condition mainly found in elderly women but its actual ill effects on the body start at an earlier age. Making you bone density stronger and denser by the age of 25 is must to get a stronger body in later years. This disease is characterized by low bone mass and bone tissue losses. This results in weaker bones that make the patient prone to bone fractures of hips , spines and wrist.

This medical condition occurs due to imbalance in new bone formation and old bone reorption. In  the formation of new bones body uses the calcium compounds present in the body. If the intake of the calcium compounds is not enough to meet the requirements of the new bone formation then body reabsorbs calcium from the old bones . This results in the weakness of the bones and also the deficiency  Calcium in body causes problem in functioning of heart , brain and bone tissue formation.

During early age this disease may not show any symptoms but as the onset is reached the patient may feel pain in the muscles and bones of the lower back or neck. As the disease progresses there can be serious pain in the back and the neck area, this pain my get acute if the pressure is put on the bones under effect. Some other symptoms can be the frequent fracture of bones like the hip and the wrist due to even minor falls.

Treatment of the Osteoporosis includes proper care of the diet to provide enough calcium to body for meeting the requirements of bone formation. Exercising regularly and taking professional help on time.


How to improve your mental wellbeing

How to improve your mental wellbeing


Mental health is a kind of stealth condition. It is present there in our minds with no sign of presence leaving us totally unaware. Then as its dormant phase ends it starts surfacing and I will like to tell you these conditions can get you on your knees if cross a level of negligence. Here I will try to make you aware of the facts and fictions about the mental wellbeing. Remember there is no wealth like health, you have heard this before as “health is wealth”; see how preoccupied you are to not make out this simple fact. If you did good, no actually excellent! And rest of you back benchers you were not able to guess, be on your seats and pay attention. Class starts!

Mental well being

We are not actually aware what does mental wellbeing means. Mental wellbeing means to be stable mentally and not allow adverse situations affect you. It means to taking care of ourselves, see ourselves as some worthy and judge ourselves aptly. It also means not to feel those emotions that cause harm to you or if I fail to deliver what I want to say. Then in words of Sarah Stewart-Brown I will be said as “Of course, good mental wellbeing does not mean that you never experience feelings or situations that you find difficult. But it does mean that you feel you have the resilience to cope when times are tougher than usual.”

Improvement of your mental wellbeing is a long term process that starts with small steps. I am giving you the steps you need to follow, remember no leaping is allowed:

  • Communicate
  • Remain in active mode
  • Always be a learner
  • Be wise and give to others
  • Live the moment

Seriously I care how you are because you live next to me if you will burn I will feel the heat.

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